Everyday Magic


But think about this:

  • a witch who does knot magic braiding spells into her hair
  • or tying it into his tie or shoelaces
  • a witch who does technomagic putting a reminder on their phone that contains a good luck charm
  • a kitchen witch making a memory spell in pancakes to help their kids learn and retain stuff from school
  • an enchanter/ress putting anti-bullying pins on their childs’ backpack
  • a musicwitch humming happiness charms all day long

Read Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic/ Emelan books

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the rats do this thing where they cuddle up to nap, being super cute

on the opposite end of their house from their nesting box


it’s like buying the dog a nice bed and finding them sleeping next to it, not in it

i never thought i’d need to know all 50 states in alphabetical order

and what do you know

i didn’t.


um so i can’t find it anymore, but someone posted about not being able to name all 50 states so i wanted to see if i could… i’m at 48 and i’m not giving up! … i give myself until midnight to think of the two more.

alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas california colorado connecticutt delaware florida georia hawaii idaho illinois indiana iowa kansas kentucky louisiana maine maryland massachusetts michigan minnesota mississippi missouri montana nebraska nevada new hampshire new jersey new mexico new york north carolina north dakota ohio oklahoma oregon pennslyvania rhode island south carolina south dakota tennesee texas utah vermonth virginia washington west virgina wisconsin wyooooooooming

noooorth souuuth eeeeaaast west in my own humble opinion maaassaaCHUUUUSETTS IS THE BEEest of the 50 nifty united states from the 13 original colonies

4th grade music class was hell




I love how the whole harry potter fandom just calls harry an idiot for naming his kid albus severus and says ginny should’ve named the kids so they would survive childhood

like you do realize this is the girl who named an owl pigwidgeon right


"Hedwig Pigwidgeon Potter, you are named after two owls."

y’all make all these jokes, but do you remember Bindi Sue Irwin? The girl named after a crocodile and a dog?

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This webcomic is actually great so get on that

The sentence “seriously it’s only two years old you can catch up in a day” in a dangerous one, friends.

It’s a dangerous one.

Now I must leave, and attempt to read the entire thing tonight.


it’s especially dangerous because it’s really three and a half

and yet it’s only covered, like, a month? of their time. They seriously arent even half way through the semester yet.

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now that im in a place i am allowed to not wear pants in i am finding myself covered in bruises

what the hell did i do in vermont?

I want a Towering Mountain of Ignorance shirt

a nice pretty picture of a mountain with trees and goats or whatever and a pretty scrolly font scrawled over it, or split around it

artsy fartsy people, draw the thing, make the shirt?


In New Zealand our drinking age is 18 but the drink driving tolerance for under 20s is zero and my friend who’s a cop said he gets great pleasure out of breathalising sober under 20 year olds and watching the terror fill their face as he tells them they’re 10 times over the legit drinking limit cause ten times zero is still zero

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Why are shorts called shorts but pants arent called longs

she wears short shorts I wear long longs

she’s cheer cheerer and i’m on the sit sits

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just got back from the interview

if i get the job, i’d be starting on monday

seems like super short notice, right?

well, they werent actually accepting applications anymore when i sent in my cover letter and resume

but i made myself seem soooo cool that the hiring person just haaaad to meet me

that’s right

im super good at pretending to be employable

eating an enormous turkey leg and waiting for Ames to go on break sO I CAN ACCEPT THIS JOB INTERVIEW FOR TOMORROW



Sean Bean dies in everything because it’s the universe trying to correct the hole ripped in it due to the fact that his name doesn’t rhyme when it should

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I like that the day of the trip is 2 days before the slip is “due”
work harder on your scams.

I like that the day of the trip is 2 days before the slip is “due”

work harder on your scams.

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